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For The Love Of Learning

LV Learning helps struggling students reconnect with their inherent love of learning by providing the individual attention and personalized support they need for success. At LV Learning, we lead with empathy, listen deeply, and guide gently to engage students, families, and allied professionals in a personalized, meaningful partnership to optimize the learning experience and academic outcomes for the people seeking our support. 
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The Value Of LV Learning

When people love to learn, they are willing to try new things.

They are more likely to find a way to solve problems when they are challenged. They are open to new ideas and to people who are different from them. People who love learning don't give up. 

How I Can Help

Coaching Learners

Teacher Helping Student

Think of me as a personal trainer for school. First, we build self-awareness to identify and articulate strengths and areas for growth.

Guiding Families

Working Together

I help families to understand, advocate and collaborate with available resources to ensure their children do not fall through the cracks.

Engaging Educators

Modern Classroom

My goal is to complement and support teachers and schools in the best interests of our students.

What People Are Saying

“Ms. Vantine is a gifted practitioner who has learned the importance of collaboration in ensuring that all students reach their full potential.”


Jennifer, Head of School

Columbus, Ohio

"I love hearing about how this approach empowers teachers as well as students.”


Pam, Clinical Director of Counseling

“Your model is equally inspiring and visionary - congratulations for breaking the mold in such a thoughtful and powerful way.”


Donna, Licensed Psychologist

Belmont, MA

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