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Nurturing the Love of Learning

Image by Tim Mossholder

Listen. Empathize. Learn. Advise.

Over the course of my career, I have talked with hundreds of parents who were worried about how their child was doing in school. Some were focused on grades and test scores. Others were more concerned with their children's mental health or executive function difficulties. But what I heard most often was, "They used to love going to school! I just want them to love learning again!" Not every student who struggles has a cognitive disorder or needs special education services. Some students are still developing the executive function skills they need to manage their time and materials. They struggle to get started on an assignment, focus on one task at a time, or stick with a project long enough to complete it and turn it in by the due date. All of the love and encouragement, (never mind all the nagging, bribing, and begging) doesn’t seem to work. I help families to understand, advocate and collaborate with available resources to ensure their children do not fall through the cracks. 

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